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Upper East Side speech therapy

Upper East Side speech therapy

If you need the services of an expert speech pathologist, who can provide speech therapy services for an adult or child, you will want to contact our speech therapy practice, Maia C. King, MS CCC-SLP. Patients are able to get expert Upper East Side speech therapy services from our highly experienced and friendly speech pathologist.

A person is said to have a speech disorder when they have difficulty producing speech sounds correctly or fluently. A patient may also have problems with his or her voice. All of these problems can be addressed by our speech pathologist who offers Upper East Side speech therapy for patients both young and old. Our speech pathologist is Maia C. King. Maia uses the PROMPT multidimensional approach to help patients have a more positive communication outcome. PROMPT is often used to help toddlers or children who have communication programming disorders such as apraxia. This program can also be used to help with specific speech disorders such as stuttering, language formulation, syntax, auditory processing and production disorders and other general cognitive delays. When you need Upper East Side speech therapy for yourself or for a member of your family, you can be sure that they will receive the very best treatment when you contact our practice for Upper East Side speech therapy. We know that you will thoroughly enjoy working with Maia King due to her relaxed and friendly approach to her patients. Whether working with children or adults, Maia makes her patients feel perfectly comfortable and at ease so that they will be able to obtain the very best results from their speech therapy services

When a patient has had a stroke, or has a degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s, they can develop speech disorders such as dysarthria. This speech disorder can have a negative serious impact on all speech intelligibility. However, this can be improved with appropriate treatment and exercise plans as outlined by our Upper East Side speech therapy expert. Our therapist also works with children who have speech or language delays. These delays are known to have a significant effect on the child in terms of social acceptance, academic advancement, and behavior. Our speech pathologist can help your child with receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language or social skills so that he or she will not need to suffer from these problems. For an appointment to meet with pathologists for Upper Use Side speech therapy, contact us today.

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