Upper East Side Communication Disorders

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Upper East Side communication disorders

Upper East Side communication disorders

Receptive language, expressive language, and pragmatic or social language represent the three ways that language is divided into. When it comes to Upper East Side communication disorders, you can depend on Maia C. King to identify, evaluate, and treat difficulties and challenges in all three areas effectively. As a highly skilled and experienced speech pathologist, A variety of services are offered by Ms. King to her valued patients, both children and adults.

What is understood by someone is what is referred to as receptive language. This is further marked by the ability to follow both simple and more complex commands, identify objects, follow conversations, and basically process accurately what others are saying. If you suspect that your toddler may be experiencing a delay in the development of receptive language skills, this is one of the Upper East Side communication disorders that should be evaluated in a timely manner by Ms. King. Expressive language is the ability to say what you’re thinking. There are clear signs that can indicate your toddler is having trouble with this. If she or he is substituting acting out, such as throwing, hitting, and tantrums, instead of using speech, you can suspect that there is a problem with expressive language. This can manifest in adults, too, especially due to aphasia and strokes, which can lead to Upper East Side communication disorders. The ways in which language skills are used, known as pragmatic or social language, represent the relationship between language and play skills in toddlers. Injuries to the right brain or general brain trauma can create a similar difficulty in adults. With a thorough evaluation, the appropriate treatment protocol and strategies can be identified in order to achieve the most desirable results.

Call our office and schedule an evaluation with Ms. King. Whether for children or adults, addressing and solving Upper East Side communication disorders is a big part of what has earned her a well-deserved reputation.

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