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Upper East Side Speech Therapy

Speech Pathologist on the Upper East Side NYC

Upper East Side Speech Therapy

Upper East Side Speech Therapy

Being able to communicate is important. There are many different forms of speech and communication, but being able to express your feelings, needs and wants to others is essential in today’s world, especially if you want to be independent or even if you want to be able to tell others how they can help you. Our speech pathologist, Maia C. King, MS CCC-SLP, is here to help when it comes to assessing, diagnosing and treating speech, language, social communication (pragmatics), swallowing, feeding and voice disorders in children and adults. When it comes to Upper East Side speech therapy, Maia C. King is here to help each individual’s needs in order to meet their goals.

Here at our offices, we offer a variety of speech therapy services to a variety of different people with different needs. Our speech pathologist Maia C. King, MS CCC-SLP understands that each person has their own individual needs and methods of working, so before going ahead with any diagnoses or treatments she spends some time with the patient in order to get to know them, understand them and to help them feel comfortable. All of this is important when it comes to addressing issues related to speech, language and communication in general. Maia C. King, MS CCC-SLP is a medically-based speech pathologist with a wealth of experience when it comes to handling patients who are their infancy to helping geriatrics who suffer from a variety of neurological disorders that result in the loss or difficulty with the ability to communicate and/or swallow. Being able to express yourself and communicate with others is important for our overall well being, which is why speech pathology is so important for many individuals. Upper East Side speech therapy can help patients with a variety of issues and needs to help better express themselves and commune with those around them.

If you are in need of a speech pathologist and are looking into Upper East Side speech pathology, please call us here at our offices to learn more about what speech therapy services we offer and what our speech pathologist Maia C. King, MS CCC-SLP can do for you.

Maia C. King, MS CCC-SLP
445 Park Avenue, 9th Floor
New York City, NY 10022
(917) 259-6540

Speech Pathologist in New York

Speech Therapy in Manhattan

Ms. King is a medically based speech-language pathologist in Manhattan with many years working with infants through geriatrics who suffer from a variety of neurological disorders resulting in a loss or difficulty with the ability to communicate and/ or swallow. Ms. King is accredited with the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, National Aphasia Association, National Stroke Association and New York State Speech Language-Hearing Association. Her publication, “Individualizing Speech Therapy Goals in a Group Setting: An Aphasia Viewpoint,” was recently published in The National Stroke Association’s publication, StrokeSmart, among others. A skilled lecturer, Ms. King is a featured guest with the New York Metropolitan Area Stroke Coordinators’ Consortium on the use of speech-language pathology with aphasia in addition to several others. Ms. King is a versatile experienced clinician who is prepared to treat communication disorders basic to complex, with an area of focus on adults, geriatrics and feeding.king

“I am a medically based SLP in New York City who has extensive experience with infants through adults not only in the areas of speech, voice, language, swallowing and feeding (asha sig 13) but trach’s and speaking valves as well. My experience working in the NICU, St.Mary’s special population, early intervention (medically complex), Mount Sinai Medical Center, Mount Sinai Queens and my own son (age 6) feeding challenges; motivated my decision to launch a private practice among the swallowing, feeding and brain injured population.”

Ms. King is currently offering a variety of speech pathology services on the upper east side including home based, tele-health, office and a skilled speech therapy aphasia group for individuals with Aphasia, apraxia and dysarthria secondary to stroke and/or brain injury.

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445 Park Avenue 9th Floor
New York, NY, 10022