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Upper East Side Dysphagia Specialist

Feeding and swallowing disorders in Upper East Side

Upper East Side dysphagia specialist

Upper East Side dysphagia specialist

Dysphagia is the inability to swallow properly or without difficulty. The American Speech Hearing Association defines it as a weakness or problem with the muscles associated with a person’s swallowing mechanism, which causes aspiration or aspiration pneumonia. At the offices of Maia C. King, our Upper East Side dysphagia specialist works with patients to help minimize the side effects of this condition or to evaluate and treat it properly.

Aspiration can occur if foreign debris enters the lungs by way of the trachea rather than the esophagus. This can cause aspiration pneumonia, a serious condition that can affect infants, children, adults and elderly people with poorly functioning immune systems. It can be caused by a number of different factors. Poor dentition can be a factor, as well as acid reflux, neurologic disorders, stroke, tumors, or after cancer or surgery. Our Upper East Side dysphagia specialist will assist the patient who suffers from this debilitating condition by preventing the aspiration pneumonia. This is done by recommending changes in diet in combination with special exercises that can help to coordinate the swallowing muscles. This helps minimize future risks with dysphagia problems and cuts down on hospital visits.

Our Upper East Side dysphagia specialist will also recommend oral care strategies and assist the patient’s caregiver in learning how to monitor the signs and symptoms that arise from aspiration. We will also offer patients education and counseling on their condition, helping them take steps towards wellness with swallowing therapy. Dr. King’s goal is to help eliminate the frustration that can be caused with swallowing disorders and to use the safest least restrictive diet textures and techniques. She is a trained speech-language pathologist that can assess, diagnose and treat swallowing disorders and help enhance communication strategies for corporations and businesses. We aim to provide our younger patients with the proper academic readiness to help them adjust and develop early language development, and to help our patients of all ages to develop confidence and self esteem when it comes to their communication. Dr. King also works to help educate the public about speech language disorders, as well as her fellow professionals.

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